Friday, July 3, 2009

Sydney Property Market set for FY10 Growth

Undoubtedly key markets in Sydney will see property values increase in the next financial year. The key question for SME business owners is " will the banks lend for expansion capital against these higher equity levels offered up as security in property based/backed business lending?"

The banks who are working hard to try and win market share in the retail customer base, may need to loosen credit policy or return to pre 2008 policies to sure up SME business in the face of competition. But will there be lending competition and will foreign institutions provide key competition driving a business investment led recovery?

Are domestic conditions and priorities for foreign based institutions returning where they can provide capital and competition in Australia?

Is there a financial institution who can do for home buyers what John Symond and Aussie did in the 90's? There is market share to be had for some visionary institution as property prices rise based on Government first buyer stimulus and the up-curve value effect in Sydney property markets.

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